I spent 6 weeks in a foreign hospital after getting my ear pierced – it got infected so badly I had to have surgery

GETTING a glam new ear piercing is always exciting, right?!

But this wasn’t the case for one woman, when her new piercing got infected. 

One TikTok user has revealed that she got her rook pierced but ended up spending six weeks in a hospital in France after it got seriously infected.

21-year-old wildlife photographer Caitlyn Earwaker disclosed on her TikTok account ‘caitlynearwaker’ that she got in a hot tub after having her ear pierced which caused the infection.

But not only did Caitlyn’s ear get infected – doctors had to create a special antibiotic to try and cure it. 

Caitlyn revealed that doctors in England prescribed her an antibiotic that didn’t work, so she flew to France with it infected. 

Caitlyn uploaded a video to her TikTok with the caption ‘My piercing nightmare’.

She said that when she got her piercing done, she “loved it” and was “so pumped”.

But then she went into a “hot tub” and was “drunk” and could “tell it got infected”. 

She explained: “I called the doctor and got antibiotics.

“I had a flight to France the next day.

“The pain was so bad, it was just getting worse. 

“So I went to a doctor in France – he told me the English doctors gave me the wrong antibiotics. 

“So for the five days I was basically not treating the infection.

“But it was past antibiotic treatment. 

“And yes the piercing is still in there, so I went to A&E."

Caitlyn then explained what happened once in A&E and it sounds far from ideal.

She continued: “I waited four hours to be seen, no one spoke English.

“This was when the pandemic was getting bad so my friends’ mum couldn’t come into the hospital with me.

“After two injections the doctor left me for 2 hours on my own.

“Then two new doctors gave me gas and air.

“They tried pulling the piercing out.

“They called the infectious diseases specialist and I had to stay on a drip for 5 days. 

“I was then told I was going to be in hospital for six weeks as they had to create an antibiotic to fight this specific bacteria. 


“Worst week of my life.”

The video shows the redness and the area beginning to bulge with inflammation and it doesn’t look pleasant. 

Caitlyn’s video racked up a whopping 27.5million views. 

It had 4.8million likes, 38.5k comments and 58.3k shares.

Many TikTok users were horrified at what happened to Caitlyn and revealed that her story has put them off having piercings. 

One person said: “Maybe I don’t want another piercing.” 

Another added: “I always want to have piercings but this is what I am afraid about.” A third commented: “All that for an ear piercing, hell no.”

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