I spelt my name wrong for 22 years – I only realised when I found my birth certificate, even my parents didn’t know | The Sun

WHEN you're a toddler, one of the first things you learn to write is your name.

So you'd think by your early twenties you'd have the spelling of it down to a T.

But one woman confessed that she'd been spelling her own name wrong for over two decades, and even her parents didn't realise.

She posted on her TikTok account @I_a_kelly explaining how she managed to get her own name wrong for so long.

"My name is Lesley-Ann, that's all my first name, no middle name, that's always what I was told growing up," she explained.

In fact her mum was insistent that she made sure she spelt her name right growing up, always remembering to include the hyphen.

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After years of it being drilled into her to spell the name with the hyphen and make sure that teachers at school did the same, she made a discovery that would baffle her.

"[I was] 22, applying for my first grown-up job out of university and asked my mum to send through my birth certificate," she said.

"My name is Lesley, there is no hyphen and my middle name is Ann.

Lesley admitted that she still gives her mum grief about the blunder to this say.

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But the mum was none the wise either, Lesley added: "She says this is what happens when you let a man register the birth.

"My dad's name is Lesley so I think this was his plot all along."

It turns out Lesley wasn't the only person who had been spelling her name wrong, other TikTok users had similar experiences.

One said: "My dad registered me as Jennifer, it was supposed to be Jeanette, he forgot."

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A second wrote: "My granddad registered my mum as Kathleen, not Catherine like my gran wanted.

"No one new until she was 16 and got her exam results."

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