I paid £12K for a brow lift and surgery on my eyelids and people can't believe the difference – I used to look so tired | The Sun

SHE'S trying to invest as much money as possible in her appearance.

So Roxy shelled out a staggering £12,000 to have an outer eyebrow lift and upper blepharoplasty – eyelid surgery.

She has been sharing her surgery journey on her TikTok page, and took to the social media site on Tuesday to reveal she was finally having her head bandage removed.

She then showed the amazing results of the surgery, before sharing a comparison of how she looked before and after.

"Look how tired I look!" she said of how she looked before the operation.

The eyebrow lift effectively gave her the "fox eye" look, while she also had an under eye chemical peel during the surgery too.

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"I'm sorry but who is that 1st pic cuz it def does not look like you!" one persom commented.

"You're beautiful girl before and after!"

"First time seeing results that look so Dahm good," another added.

"You’re gorgeous in both!!" a third wrote.

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"But I do like the after more because you’re happier with yourself, and it shows."

However, not everyone was impressed, with one person writing: "You paid 15k? Why didn’t they take off more or is still swollen?"

"Still swollen, and I didn’t wanna look like a walking surgery," Roxy replied.

"Those lines are the cut lines and will soften."

And while Roxy is now thrilled with the results of the surgery, it wasn't the case straight after the operation.

"Out of all the surgeries I've had, this is by far the most painful healing process," she said.

"I can barely open my eyes. I've got a headache like no tomorrow. F**k if I knew this was how I was going to feel, I would never have done it.

"But it's going to be worth it."

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