I made the best budget Christmas dinner for six people – it cost just £20 for everything and I didn't skip any sides | The Sun

WITH the big day just under two weeks away, most of us are in full-on Christmas prep mode. 

And this weekend, most of us will be running to the supermarkets to get everything we need for the traditional Christmas lunch. 

Luckily a savvy cook has shared a budget recipe for Christmas dinner – managing to make enough for six people for less than £20. 

Mimi, known online as @beatthebudget, regularly shares quick and easy recipes with her 253,000 followers. 

In her latest Instagram reel, the savvy cook shares what you need to make an entire Christmas dinner for six people for just £18.10. 

“£20 Christmas dinner for six. 


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“It’s time!! So so pleased to share my updated Christmas dinner for 6 (plus extra for leftovers obvs).”

During the Instagram reel, Mimi starts by cutting up half of her parsnips, carrots, white onion, and garlic. 

She puts these in an oven-proof dish and places the roast chicken on top, before putting it in the oven. 

Mimi then peeled her potatoes, plus the remaining carrots and parsnips. 

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She boils the potatoes, and coats the root vegetables in oil and dried mixed herbs, before also placing these dishes in the oven. 

Next, the content creator cooks off her bacon, before adding in diced-up Brussels sprouts. 

She also uses chicken stock, some root vegetables, and the fat from the chicken to make her gravy. 

Fans loved the quick and easy budget recipe, with the video gaining more than 6,400 likes and 236,000 views. 

In the comments, Mimi’s followers thanked her for the inspiration, with one writing: “Can’t believe it’s all under 20 quid wowow! Looks so good.”

Another said: “This is so good!! Thank you for sharing – such an amazing help during these times and proving that you don’t have to spend fortunes to make a delicious Christmas meal for the family.”

A third added: “Can’t believe you’ve managed “the works” for £20; removes the panic.”

But not all were on board with her choice to swap out the traditional turkey for a roast chicken. 

One wrote: “Yes but it's a chicken, not a turkey! …… Christmas dinner is turkey. If you had used a turkey then you would have added another £35 plus to the price at the price of turkeys in the UK at moment.” 

Mimi’s budget Christmas dinner recipe

Here’s everything you’ll need to make enough for six people – and you’ll have some leftovers for a Boxing Day sandwich…

32g (1 pack) 12 Maple Pigs in Blankets (£2.40)
2.25 kg Extra large chicken (£6.36)
300g bacon (£1.35)
2 kg potatoes (£1.15)
1 kg carrots (£0.60)
1 kg parsnips (£0.50×2) = (£1.00)
170g sage & onion stuffing (£0.55)
500g Brussels sprouts (£0.95)
Bunch of fresh rosemary (£0.55)
Bunch of fresh thyme (£0.55)
1 garlic bulb (£0.39)
2 tbsp wholegrain mustard (£0.60)
1 jar of cranberry sauce (£0.80)
1 jar of honey (£0.75)
1 onion (£0.10)

Total: £18.10

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