I made £70K from side hustles this year but here’s 3 to avoid – they are riddles with scammers & here’s how to spot them | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the top three side hustles she would avoid as they are full of scammers.

Helena, from the UK, has been on a journey this year to add to her annual income with the help of side hustles.

And for the most part, it seems to have worked as she has raked in £70,000 in just a year on top of her full-time job salary.

However, Helena revealed there were some side hustles she wouldn't recommend as they are too risky and full of scammers.

She said: "Side hustles I would never recommend! 

"I’ve spent the last 11 months testing out side hustles and I’ve made almost £70k alongside my full time job and these side hustles in my opinion just aren’t worth it."



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The first side hustle she said to stay clear of was trading and Forex.

While these can make you money, you need to have a lot of experience and knowledge in these areas to do so.

"In fact, this isn't a side hustle, this is a full-time profession," she added.

Helena added there were lots of impostors on social media pretending to be her telling people to use these platforms and send them money.

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The side hustle whizz warned viewers that she would never do this, sending money to people you don't know is almost always a scam.

Next she revealed MRR courses were a waste of time.

She explained these were digital marketing course that you pay for that then tell you how to sell the same course online.

"I'm not denying you can make money form this, and I'm sure plenty of people are, but for me there's just something about these that just don't sit right with me at all," Helena explained.

"Ultimately I think when there's anything where there's a chain of people selling something down the track to the next person, to the next person, the only people who win in those situations are the people at the very top of the chain," she continued.

Lastly she said Match Betting was also not the best way to earn money.

She said that in her opinion, match betting was absolutely not a side hustle but was instead gambling.

Match betting is when you bet on one side and match the money by betting on the other side too – attempting to cancel out the risk of losing.

But it is often against the terms and conditions of these platforms, can be deemed fraudulent and she claimed it was just an 'absolute mess'.

"I don't think it's ethical, I don't think it's sustainable, I don't think it's a business and I definitely don't think it's a side hustle," she added.

Helena has also revealed some of her top side hustles which included user-generated content, reselling items in her home as well as user testing products.

The clip posted to her TikTok account @startabusinesswithme has since gone viral with over 84k views and over 1,600 likes.

People were quick to share their thoughts in the comments section.

One person wrote: "Trading I agree with. You need serious cash to start with and it’s a full time job."

Another commented: "Forex is never worth it."

"Thanks for sharing.," penned a third.

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Meanwhile a fourth said: "Bravo!!! Helena, you really are the Gold Standard when it comes to advising which “side huddles” really are scams (or) illegal (or) unethical.

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