I lost everything in COVID but 6 months later, I was earning 6 figures – here's how

A MUM-OF-THREE, who lost her job due to COVID set up her own fitness business in lockdown and made six figures within six months.

Danni Duncan explained that it was heartbreaking seeing her whole business come crashing down in a matter of days when the pandemic meant that people could no longer travel.

At the time she had a 20-month-old daughter and every holiday she had co-ordinated cancelled in one go.

The Australian mum explained she lost £20k in the space of 24 hours.

Suddenly she wasn't able to pay her bills, her rent and the payments on her car.

She called the banks and froze her loans and took the support available from the government in order to pay for food for her family.

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Danni even had to start selling her possessions and her car to make ends meet.

But she was careful to stick to her fitness routine and to eat healthily during this difficult time, doing home workouts and going out for runs, which was beneficial for her mental health.

She quickly realised that other women may be in need of the same.

Speaking MamaMia.com.au, Danni said: "I saw so many women online, in my community in such a bad place. Struggling with lockdowns, struggling with home schooling, feeling sluggish and depressed, not moving, eating junk food all day because what else was there to do?

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"It sparked an idea. I was doing these workouts at home anyway — why not jump on Instagram and do them live – get women involved to move?"

She decided to take matters into her own hands and ran an Instagram live workout.

She got a lot of women from all over the country joining her so started doing the sessions regularly.

In order to take things to the next level she engaged a business coach, paying for the service on her credit card.


She decided to do health consultations – helping women eat well to boost their mental health.  

Next up she started offering private coaching to women and wrote her own programme to go along with the digital workouts, which she moved to a subscription based platform.

The business The Figure Life, continued to grow and in the first six months, she was making six figures.

She said: "I had helped hundreds of women move their bodies, look after their mental health, eat better, feel better and had grown my following as well."

Danni then became pregnant with twins and started to film pregnancy workouts, launching her pregnancy and postpartum programmes.

By the end of the first year her business was worth £115k.

Danni, who has now helped thousands of women, said: "To me this was a dream – a dream that I am now living every day: to help women feel better.  

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"COVID-19 may have been horrible but for me, without it, I would never have been able to do what I am doing now. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel."

You can find out more about Danni's business on Instagram here and here and on Facebook.

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