I live on a floating cabin with my dog, people don’t think it’s pet friendly but I give her ‘animal breaks’ in the woods | The Sun

A DOG owner who lives in a homemade floating cabin has revealed how she makes her lifestyle pet-friendly.

Sarah (@keepingafloatwthejoneses) said the question that she is most asked about living on the water is where does her dog go for “potty time.”

She has racked up almost 191,000 followers on TikTok, where she and her fiancé Brandon share their experience living on a floating tiny home in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Sarah took to the social media platform to share how their dog Iko has adapted to their unique way of living.

She said: “Living on a floating cabin is a lifestyle that I know is very unfamiliar for most people, so understandably there are a lot of questions.

“By a landslide the most common question that we get, it’s not utilities, logistics, or costs.

“It is straight up ‘where does your dog s**t?’

“I’ve been wanting to make a video about this for the past week or so but it has just been pouring with rain and I really wanted it to be beautiful and aesthetic.

“But honestly sometimes it’s just like this.”

Sarah spun the camera around to show that their cabin is surrounded by water, before moving towards the direction of the woods.

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Pointing at the greenery, she continued: “Iko usually goes to the bathroom here or there.

“She’ll usually go up into the woods and do her business, kind of patrol her little kingdom here.

“We just give her 10 or 20 minutes to run around, dig stuff up, be a dog.”

She showed Iko blissfully exploring the woods as she stood and watched in the heavy downpour.

Iko obediently ran back inside the cabin when Sarah called her name.

Getting the cabin back on the move, Sarah said: “That’s it, that’s what we do. I hope that answered everybody’s question.”

The video went viral with over 4 million views and a stream of comments from people envying their lifestyle.

Sarah captioned the post: “'Fur baby potty time' explained. 

“Lots of our houseboat neighbors have dogs too & do potty time in totally different ways! We have found this is just what works best for Iko.”

She added: “We don’t usually take her out after about 6 pm. 

“No night shift, she’s 100% content to lay on the couch & sleep til like 10 am the next day.”

She wrote hashtags including #dogparents, #floatingcabin, #offgridliving, and #livingonaboat.

One person commented: “It’s always about the dogs. Literally, no one cares about anything but dogs.”

Another wrote: “People are so weird. Do they ask that question of everyone who lives in a high-rise apartment?”

A third said: “One would think this would be a difficult life for a dog but in my experience, Akitas are huge couch potatoes.”


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Another added: “LMAO glad I wasn’t the only one thinking this.

“The first split second of your video I thought ‘where the dog potty’ lol.”

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