I have to have all the Halloween Squishmallow range so hunted them in McDonald's – it put me off fries for a while | The Sun

A DETERMINED woman has revealed she went on a hunt to get all of the Halloween Squishmallows from McDonald’s. 

Taking viewers on the journey, Maria Joynson explained that she saw the ad for the range online and immediately decided she “needed to collect every single one”. 

She hopped on the tube and met up with her friend Jess and told her: “Come with me on a McDonald’s-based adventure”. 

They went to the first McDonald’s to get their Happy Meals, which included cheeseburgers and a coke. 

Taking the order to go, Maria said she found a “weird, cold bench to sit on” and open up the goods. 

Jess then told her: “And do you know what’s on the box? A squish-fact. And the squish-fast is: Drake helps others as much as he can.” 

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She then took the first Squishmallow of the day, which was a little light blue and black vampire with a red bow. 

Wondering whether she also got the same one, Maria then opened hers and said: “This is where we worked out that if you order two Happy Meals at the same MaDonald’s you’ll most likely get the same one.”

TikTok user @mariajoynson explained that she would most likely have to go to three or four different McDonald’s branches to get the full set. 

Going on a bit of tangent, the pair then looked high and low for a bin in central London to get rid of the red packaging. 

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They then went to their second McDonald’s to get lunch, where they ordered one Happy Meal with nuggets. 

“We watched with bated breath,” she said, before finding a table to sit down on. 

Opening up the Happy Meal, they found the Squishmallow package that said ‘Stump’ on it as Jess read: “Stump teaches self-defence classes to keep the squad safe.” 

She then took the Squishmallow out, which was a black and blue skeleton with a little tail.

“I am single-handedly funding McDonald’s today,” Maria then said as they set out on their second side quest of the day to get a scarecrow costume.

They then headed to their third McDonald’s branch, where Maria shared: “At this point I think we were going a bit delirious. We ended up ordering veggie dippers and that says enough itself.” 

Jess then took a box that said ‘Wade’ on it, before reading: “Wade can play an instrument.” 

She then revealed a tan-coloured Squishmallow with a little fuzzy patch of hair on top. 

Maria then opened her own one before stuffing it into her pocket, where the other two lived. 

“This made me realise something, you just never really know what the people around you have in their pockets,” she said. 

They then went to their fourth McDonald’s in hopes of getting the last one in the range. 

“We can see that I think it’s Wade or Drake, but they’ve got other ones and we’re going to order a Happy Meal and try to get them to give me one of the other ones,” TikTok user @mariajoynson said. 

They got another drake before also bagging a ‘Autumn’, the last one in their quest, which read: “Autumn seeks adventure and travels.” 

Opening up the box, a black and purple Squishmallow came out, which had whiskers. 

Maria then shared: “I lined up my Squishmallows like they were the spoils of war and then I filled up my jacket knowing damn well I was about to go to a party with a coat full of Squishmallows for God’s sake.” 

Jess then asked: “Shall we eat more chips?” 

Maria replied: “I would love to eat more McDonald’s, I have a party to go to tonight like a normal adult…” 

In the caption, she added: “pov: you saw the McDonald’s squishmallows and dedicated your saturday to them”. 

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “if you ever get a duplicate u can always take it back and ask to swap! also buy extra for 99p at counter lol it is manager discretion though! due to if you ever get a duplicate u can always take it back and ask to swap! 

“also buy extra for 99p at counter lol it is manager discretion though! due to”. 

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Another said: “I enjoyed this a lottt more than I probably should have as a 30 year old woman,” to which Maria replied: “Listen at least you’re watching it not making it, that’s definitely worse”. 

While a third added: “each mcdonalds puts the same in the box until they run out of one they they change it over”. 

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