I have the world’s biggest mouth – trolls call me ‘ugly’ and ‘frog girl,’ they say I’m ‘disgusting’ every day | The Sun

A WOMAN has claimed to have the "world’s biggest mouth" but she says that the title comes with cruel treatment and bullying.

Along with other mean names, she's been called "ugly" and "frog girl."

Samantha Ramsdell previously made headlines after revealing she has the "world's biggest mouth" that can open to an enormous 4.3 inches.

The 33-year-old earned the official title for her natural talent with Guinness World Records in July 2021.

Along with her latest accolade, the content creator claims that she's able to achieve feats like fitting a Subway sandwich, 22 marshmallows, and an entire apple in her gob without any struggle.

She showcased this in a video on TikTok, racking up 25.9 million views and 2.1 million likes.

But, while her talent amassed and entertained millions of fans, Samantha says that she's faced bullying as a result, which dated way back to her school years.

"Every day, I was called 'big mouth bass' or 'frog girl' and told I look like a Pit Bull," Samantha, from Maine US, told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

"I'd get asked: 'What's wrong with your face?' in school and I was insecure, self-conscious, and always wore makeup on my lips to make my mouth look smaller.

"Now, people tell me I'm ugly and disgusting every day, as well as asking: 'Is that a filter?', which definitely isn't the best thing for my mental health."

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Although she says she tends to ignore or block the haters on social media, it can, at times, get her down.

"It definitely can get to me some days," she said. "But I've learned to love my differences, what makes me unique, and use it to my advantage."

The influencer has since been able to make a living off of her abilities.

In 2020, she began posting videos of her talent on social media and claims that she now makes an estimated £11,000 per video.

In one clip, Samantha shows off her favorite sandwich, taking a ginormous bite from the infamous footlong sub.

One person said that on top of being funny, her talent must make it easy for her doctors: “I just know dentists love you.”

“My bf said he's afraid of your mouth but I lurrrveee youuuuuu,” said another fan.

“The goliath's devourer,” someone else added jokingly.

One person commented: “Your significant other has to be the one of the happiest person with you.”

Another was shocked by her mouth, taken aback: “I thought that was a filter.”

Samantha explained that she's grateful for the doors that her mouth has opened for her.

"I always wanted to get into comedy and now it's my full-time job and I get to tour around the US doing my live comedy show – I don't just fit things in my mouth for an hour, though," she said.

"Hopefully, I can make people laugh, feel better about their own insecurities, and realize that it's empowering to love all your features and let them shine."

As for the bullying, the content creator explained that at the end of the day, she's happy with herself and that's what matters most.

"Life's too short to try and fit in and be someone you're not. I feel like we should be celebrated for our uniqueness," she said.

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“It feels amazing to be celebrated for my differences. I get the perfect bite of every sandwich with all the flavors, I can sing loudly, and the dentist loves me."

The comedian jokingly added a warning for her haters: "Plus, I can eat people if they are mean to me."

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