I have bathroom wall tiles and get them shining in minutes using an expected item, you'll never need a ladder again | The Sun

A CLEANING fanatic has shared the hack she uses to easily wipe down her bathroom walls.

The TikToker revealed the surprising product she swears by as she demonstrated the simple trick.

In her video, Claire (@renowayoflife) showed viewers "how to keep your bathroom wall tiles looking clean and shiny."

For her first step, she recommended using a microfiber cloth when cleaning your walls.

To wipe out-of-reach areas, Claire used a cloth on the end of a flat mop.

"The flat mops are great for reaching high ceilings without needing a ladder," she explained.

Claire highlighted the importance of removing grime from your tiles before polishing them.

"Clean with a bathroom cleaner first to remove any soap scum and dirt," she said.

The homeowner demonstrated the trick as she sprayed and wiped down her walls.

She shared: "I always use eco-friendly cleaners which leave the bathroom smelling divine."

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For her final step, Claire revealed the unexpected cleaning product she used to wipe down her bathroom tiles.

"Use glass cleaner and wipe down with a microfiber cloth," she told her audience.

Claire explained that the item "leaves [your tiles] looking lovely and shiny."

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