I grew up in a cult with five mums and 44 siblings – I have unusual trick to remember all their names | The Sun

A MAN with five parents and 44 siblings has revealed the trick he uses to remember all their names.

Calvin Wayman, 35, was born into a fundamentalist Mormon cult and enjoyed a very unconventional upbringing.

He left the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in 2019 and later appeared on Truly’s popular TV show My Extraordinary Family.

Now people constantly ask him how much he really knows about his brothers and sisters.

He says: "I can certainly remember all of their names. On some podcast shows I've named all of them.

"I liken it to someone having a favourite sports team.

"If someone really loves the sports team, they know everyone's name on the team.

"And this 'team' lived together. When I was born, I was the 11th of 45.

"So I only had to learn one or two new teammates a year, so it wasn't that hard to remember names.

"Just don't ask me about birthdays – that is an entirely different matter."

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Calvin's mom, Christine, has 12 biological children — six of whom have now left FLDS.

He has now relocated to California after finding a religious lifestyle and working on a farm too restrictive.

But he keeps in touch with relatives as best he can and has a select few he communicates with more often.

He adds: "As far as keeping in touch, there are only a handful that I feel incredibly close to, that keep in touch regularly throughout the week.

"That said, we siblings also have a big sibling group chat on WhatsApp.

"Some of my siblings are quite active on that. Me, not so much."

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