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A CLEVER woman has revealed the seven rules she followed to get her long-term partner to propose in just six months.

Isabelle Lux is often known for her skincare tips on TikTok, but she recently revealed the check-list all girls need to follow if they want a ring on their finger.

Taking to TikTok the strategic women revealed: "No because every single engaged girls knows these rules.

"And if you're waiting for your man to propose this is literally why.

"I was with my guy for seven years before he proposed, and when I started doing these things, within six months, we were engaged."

Isabelle started with the first rule of thumb which was: "You've got to keep this in mind – men are stupid.


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"Keep that in the back of your mind as we go through the list, I'm not even kidding you."

The next point of call was to move in together before the engagement.

Isabelle explained that this will ensure he knows what it's like living with you as a partner for the rest of his life.

The bride-to-be added: "Men cannot picture what life is gonna be like with you, unless you're actively living together.

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"They have no imagination, they can't figure things out."

The next trick is to make sure you leave for a long weekend or a week so that your partner begins to realise all of the stuff you do around the house for him.

Isabelle informed viewers that this will make him think about everything you bring to the table.

The fiancée also revealed it was important to handle all the little decisions as men were 'big picture thinkers'

Isabelle described the next step as 'real psychological warfare,' so be prepared for battle.

She informed women to always wear a nigh time fragrance to bed.

"Why? It is proven that when you go to bed your brain actually takes certain cues and you can't go to sleep until you've had those cues," Isabelle explained.

"If you imprint in his head that a certain smell, for example – your perfume, is part of his night time routine, as soon as your out of the house, you're not there for a night or two, he's not gunna be able to sleep.

"He's going to think it's because you're not there," in actual fact, it's because he hasn't caught a whiff of your perfume.

Isabelle also noted that you shouldn't ask your partner to do anything around the house.

Instead, opt for making it seem like the task is hard for you to complete so that he can swoop in and save you from distress.

Finally, Isabelle suggested never planning dates and letting your man take the lead.

"How to get engaged. How to get him to propose #relationshipadvice #femininepower #feminineenergy Relationship advice for girls. Manipulation guide. Sprinkle sprinkle," she captioned the post.

The video posted to her account @isabelle.lux has gone viral with over 200k views and over 9,000 likes.

People were quick to share their thoughts on Isabelle's manipulation guide to bagging the ring.

One person wrote: "GIRL lmaooooo you're doing the lord's work."

Another commented: "This is wild. I can’t believe this is a real thing."

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"I didn’t do any of these and my fiancé proposed in 8 months," penned a third.

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