I got my grotty council house bathroom decorated for free trolls say it looks like a hospital – I’m chuffed with it | The Sun

AFTER living with a mouldy, grotty bathroom for ages this woman finally got the upgrade she was after – but not everyone loves it as much as she does.

Jordanna was sick of her outdated bathroom which was completely falling apart and far from the relaxing space she wanted.

After some back and forth with the council she finally managed to get the refurbishment the room needed, including a new floor, tiles, bath, toilet and sink.

"I was going to save to do it myself, but a lot of people told me it's the council's job to do it," Jordanna explained.

But when she finally showed off the new room on TikTok the room was trolled by some people who thought it looked like a hospital bathroom.

The totally white style clearly wasn't to everyone's taste, but luckily Jordanna saw the funny side of things.


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"Yes it does look like a typical council flat bathroom and a hospital bathroom," she agreed.

"But guys come on, it looks so much better than before, like what the hell?"

Before the upgrade, the bathroom had a major mould problem, missing floor tiles and rusty taps – so it's no wonder she was desperate for a refit.

Despite the new bathroom's plain and slightly boring look Jordanna didn't have any issue with it and told viewers she has plans to put her own mark on it anyway.

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"Once I put my hands on this bathroom and spice it up it ain't gonna look like a council flat bathroom," she expalined.

Others a greed the updated style is the perfect blank canvas and would be easy to decorate.

One commented: "It's clean and new! A clean bathroom is what you want! You can add your own touches, stick on floor tiles from Shein are great to jazz up the floor."

"Enjoy your gorgeous new bathroom, ignore those that think we all live in an Instagram world. Enjoy making it your own," another wrote.

A third agreed: "It's clean and fresh, I'll take that… ignore the comments."

And someone else commented: "It looks amazing, I'd be so happy to have a bathroom like that, looks so fresh compared to my council one."

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