I got Botox but it was a disaster – I looked like an egg, it botched my smile AND lasted way longer than three months | The Sun

GROWING up, Marina Petre always struggled with her jaw, constantly grinding her teeth and having pain.

After being recommended Masseter Botox by her dentist, Marina did some digging and finally got it – but now she warnsothers to avoid it at all costs.

Sharing her story online, the young woman told her 156k followers how she was influenced into making the decision.

''Everyone on TikTok was just raving about it, injectors, everyone who had it done, saying they loved the shape of their face after.

''I was like 'it's a win-win – I can fix my jaw-clenching issues, slim down my face a little bit. Like what can go wrong?'''

But as she then unfortunately came to learn the hard way – many things.

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''Well, first of all, just because it looks good on someone else does not mean jaw slimming is going to look good on you.

''I looked like a f***ing egg. I lost my jawline and my face just looked way too round.

''I had no definition at all,'' the mortified beauty lover recalled in her video.

''It went from my Masseter muscle to my smiling muscle. So not only did I look like a f***ing egg, my face became very frozen and I could no longer smile.

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''I looked so botched and it was so f***ing traumatic cause I love my smile. I'm a very smiley person.''

Looking back at the dark period of her life, Marina said she spent every day crying and found herself stripped of all confidence she was once oozing with.

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To make matters worse, Marina could not get rid of it – unlike filler, Botox lasts longer and it wasn't until the three month mark when she could finally smile a bit more.

''But it was not completely normal until about six or seven months after that.''

Since the beauty fan hadn't been using the muscles all this time, her skin began to sag around the chin area.

''When I tell you guys I was absolutely mortified. I did not have my normal face back for at least seven to eight months.

''So please, please, please, when you see this stuff online just be really, really careful.

''It doesn't work for everyone. Please, do your research on it because I remember searching it on Google and one of the recommended searches was ''Masseter Botox gone wrong'' and I was like 'I do not need to click on that'.

''It's very, very, very common for it to go into your smiling muscle and it's happened to so many people before.

But although many thanked Marina for sharing the horror story, countless of beauty fans reckoned it had been the injector's fault.

''I LOVE mine! It saved my jaw from so much pain & made my face shape so much better,'' one person exclaimed.

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Someone else agreed, adding: ''I'm obsessed with it!! it built my confidence!!

''I know you had a bad experience but to tell everyone to not get is a stretch.''

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