I get judged on the school run everyday because I get dressed up and my make-up is immaculate but I don’t care

A MUM who's constantly being shamed for dressing up for the school-run has hit back at the trolls, after being told she can't take her child to classes wearing a pink gown.

Charlie Hayes, 21, shared the video on TikTok, where she has almost half a million of followers, explaining that she has to deal with comments over her appearance on a regular basis.

The 21-year-old mum, from Canterbury, has rediscovered her style and is often seen on the school run with immaculate make-up when dropping off her son, Jasper.

During one of these days, when Charlie was rocking a chic pink robe with feathers, the son said she looked like ''a princess of love hearts''.

''No validation will ever top that.


''That is all I needed for the day.

''Doesn't matter how many compliments I get, how many insults I get – none of it matters.''

The mum, who also has a Depop account where she sells some of her clothing items, is an avid fan of the fashion brand Dolls Kill.

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She's also admitted to often feeling like ''the main character'' when out and about in the ''small city'' where the family lives.

Viewers were quick comment, with many showing support to the fashion-lover who's mum-shamed.

''If I saw a mum dressed like that on the school run I'd want to be friends with her instantly,'' one wrote.

Another parent shared: ''Tbf I get looked at funny for wearing the things I wear & they all stand in groups looking me up & down.

''Literally like school kids in a playground.''

''Who knew you can in fact wear whatever you damn well want!'' someone added.

''You dress to please yourself not to please others! (tho we love the outfits too!)''

A fourth thought: ''Better than leaning Uggs and fluffy pjs.''

''I look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards every morning 😂😂😂 you look stunning!'' another user commented.

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