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AN INFLUENCER has been slammed for the “unfortunate” nickname she has given her two-year-old son. 

London Goheen, who has a unique name herself, based her son’s nickname on his first name.

The tot is named Stone and regularly appears in her social media posts.

In a recent Instagram story, the 25-year-old shared a picture of her cuddling her son where she shared his nickname.

She penned: “Stoner babeee, I love you.”

Goheen, who lives in Australia but now lives in Texas, US, explained at the time she chose the moniker because she’d “never met or known anyone with it”.

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The nickname Stoner has fallen flat with fans after it was shared on influencer watchdog account Dutch Minty.

“This has to be one of the worst nicknames a parent has even given to their child,” the caption read.

The page has 19k followers and dubs itself an “Aussie influencer opinions page”.

Many commenters dubbed the name “extreme”, with some saying it was the “worst” one they’d ever heard of. 

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Critics claimed the nickname was inappropriate because it is linked to smoking marijuana.

It’s not entirely clear where the terms “stoner” and “stoned” come from, but some  believe they come from the Italian slang word “stonato” which means bewildered, stupid or confused. 

“Does she realise her mistake?” questioned one critic. 

“That’s unfortunate,” another said.

Goheen has not responded to the criticism and also affectionately calls her son Stoney.

The mum-of-one has previously gushed about being a “boy mum” and that her son “makes her whole entire heart so happy”.

She has a 469k strong Instagram following where she regularly shares snippets into their lives.

The influencer split from her ex last year after marrying him in secret in December 2020 while she was heavily pregnant with their son.

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