I forked out £900 on extensions but it was an epic fail & took four agonising hours to fix | The Sun

A WOMAN has taken to TikTok to issue a warning to all hair extension fans, after having to chop hers off while on holiday. 

TikTokker @sbmontg regularly shares life updates with her 700 followers. 

But in a new video, she shares her ‘epic fail’ while on a recent holiday to Mexico – and people have been left stunned by her expensive beauty mishap. 

“Spent over $1200 getting hand-tied extensions right before going to Puerto Vallarta for vacation…

“Decided to go snorkelling after drinking for two days straight…

“Got back to the condo and realised my extensions were matted…


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“Spent four hours trying to get the knots and mats out…

“Gave up and had my fiance cut them out…”

Below the video, she added: “Lesson learned. Don’t go snorkelling with hand-tied hair extensions.”

During the 17-second video, the content creator reveals what her hair looked like before her holiday – brunette with blonde highlights, and down to her waist. 

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Later, she reveals what it looked like after snorkelling in seawater. 

Her extensions appear to be extremely curly in places, with knotted and frizzy in others. 

The ‘epic fail’ attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 82,000 likes and 3.3 million views.

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