I flew from Australia to Turkey just for new teeth…trolls say I’ll regret it but they were the ugliest thing ever before | The Sun

A MAN has revealed that he lost his two front teeth in a skateboarding accident, so flew to Turkey for a set of bright white new teeth. 

Jaden Laing, who posts on TikTok under the username @jadentysonlaing, took to the video sharing platform to open up on his dental journey.

He is just one of many who have jetted abroad to get their teeth done, in a trend that has been dubbed "Turkey teeth".

Jaden travelled all the way from Australia to Turkey for his new smile.

The TikTok hashtag "#TurkeyTeeth" has reached more than 130 million views.

Several reality TV influencers and celebrities have also had veneers done, including former Love Island star Jack Fincham and Katie Price.

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The procedure of having veneers put in can be aggressive and invasive – as they require almost 70% of your teeth to be filed down.

But Jaden was not happy with his smile and his missing teeth, as he described his smile as the “ugliest thing ever", hence his decision to get veneers.

In a video posted to the social media app, which Jaden shared with the caption ‘I flew from Australia to Turkey to get veneers’, he took his followers along for the veneer process.

He explained: “I flew to Turkey to get veneers.”

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He showed off his smile before the veneers, whilst at the dental clinic in Turkey. 

He then opened his mouth for the camera, to show off his teeth during the process, as they had been filed down ready for the veneers. 

Moments later, he beamed as he smiled and opened wide to share the result of the cosmetic procedure.

Jaden’s video has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly gone viral and has racked up a whopping 3.7million views.

It has 230.5k likes, 1,318 comments and 2,139 shares.

However, many TikTok users thought that Jaden would come to regret his decision. 

One person said: “Oh noooo you're gonna really regret that in 15 years.” 

Another added: “I am not a dentist but why you are destroying all of your teeth for 1?” 

A third commented: “Looks good now but they filed too much off. You’re going to have to get them redone and they won’t be able to file anymore and you’ll have to get.” 

But Jaden didn’t agree with the trolls, and posted another clip, to open up more about how he originally lost his two front teeth. 

He shared his video with the caption ‘I did a backflip on a scooter and smashed my two front teeth out 🤦🏽‍♂️😂🦷’ and explained: “I got my teeth out when I was really young, I was in year 8 in high school.

“I used to ride scooters and all the boys wanted to learn how to do a backflip on a scooter and I went to a skatepark and learnt how to do a backflip.

“I went back to my home skatepark, rocked up, did the backflip and completely under-rotated and smashed my two front teeth out.

“I fractured my jaw, fractured my eye socket, scraped all my face, so my two front teeth had been knocked out.

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“I remember looking at my face and going ‘I will never be able to kiss a girl ever again, I’ll never be able to smile, I’ll never be able to do anything again’, just because I knew that my two front teeth were missing.

“It was the ugliest thing ever.”

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