I did my makeup backwards because it’s meant to make you look like a supermodel – I’m ten times prettier than before | The Sun

A BEAUTY guru did her makeup backwards after a viral technique suggested it will give you supermodel results.

Abby Baffoe thought she looked “ten times prettier than before” after switching up her beauty routine.

The technique – which is viral on Tik Tok – includes putting cream contour and concealer on BEFORE your foundation.

Then you go in with cream or powder blush and highlighter.

Content creator Abby said she “obviously” had to try it and couldn’t believe the finished product.

The 28-year-old from New Jersey, US has now vowed to make it her new makeup routine.

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Taking to Tik Tok to share the technique’s process, she said: “Everyone I’ve seen do it literally has the most beautiful result.

“The idea is to do your contour and highlight first.

“And she basically describes it as ‘laying down the bones’, which honestly makes total sense.

“Then you go through and add your foundation and blush over it.”

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Abby continued: “I don’t think it has to be perfect because then we’re going to blend with foundation.

“This is literally just doing your makeup backwards.

“This is so odd.”

As she continued sculpting her face, the content creator noted that it was “not looking horrible”.

The technique was popularised by celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips. 

Mary has painted the face of A-listers like Kendall Jenner, J-Lo and Hailey Bieber – who she executes the “backwards” technique on.

Abby posed at the end of the video and gushed: “So, this is how Kendall and Hailey’s makeup always looks so flawless.

“This is ten times prettier than I thought it was going to be.

“It’s like so natural but radiant.

“Well s**t, I’m definitely changing my makeup routine to this.

“One thousand per cent try this for yourself.”

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According to one commenter, “cream products were originally formulated to be used under foundation”.

Another quipped: “Hilarious because this is how I did makeup in the early 2000s and I was so confused when they changed it.”

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