I compared Walmart & Dollar Tree to find the best back to school deals – there were some surprising winners | The Sun

AS we approach the final weeks of summer, it's time to face the inevitable back to school shop.

A YouTuber has compared school products at both Walmart and Dollar Tree to find the best prices.

YouTuber and former teacher Kathryn, who runs the Do It On A Dime channel, shared her favorite back to school finds from both Walmart and Dollar Tree.

"Here’s what you can get a Walmart that you really can’t get anywhere for this price: [Items from] the dorm section and back to school," Kathyrn told her viewers.

She continued: "These organizing containers are $2.98 each, I really like how they’re rectangular, they can fit a lot, and they have this little drop lip in the front, as well as handles."

The YouTuber also showed her viewers great deals on stationary products.

"Check out these really [high] quality expandable pocket folders. These range between $10-12. This is a fabulous back to school deal," Kathyrn said.

"The best brand of pens, in my opinion, is PaperMate. I really love it, these don’t bleed through paper and the felt tip is awesome. I used to use these to grade all of my papers," the former teacher said.

The YouTuber also recommended her favorite pen brand available at Dollar Tree.

"When you’re in Dollar Tree, the pen that you want is the Inc brand. These are highly rated," she said.

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She continued: "When you're at Dollar Tree, here are the things you’ll really want to look for: The organization products."

"They have these really amazing drawer organizers, this is probably an eighth of the price you’re going to find it at Walmart. The paper bins are great here too, I also really like the colors this year," she added.

Showing her viewers her recommended brand of scissors, Kathryn said: "These scissors are $2.24 at Walmart, and just $1.25 at Dollar Tree. Only get the Wescott brand, don’t buy the off brand."

"Dollar Tree sells packs of Post-it notes, so keep your eyes peeled. They’re actually a little cheaper than at Walmart," she said.

Kathryn also added: "I am shocked, tape is a better deal at the Dollar Tree. [In Walmart] you get six rolls for $13, that’s about $2 a roll, Dollar Tree is $1.25."

However, the biggest area where Dollar Tree has Walmart beat is desk organizing material.

"All of these things are at least $10 at Walmart. You’ve got these little fun dry erase boards, you’ve got chalkboards, all of the desk organizing stuff. It is a far better deal [in Dollar Tree.]"

She explained: "I definitely recommend the pegboard system from Dollar Tree over what you’re going to find at Walmart. It’s cheaper and better."

Walmart did trump Dollar Tree when it came to composition notebooks, offering plain versions for as little as 50c.

Kathryn's subscribers took to the comments section to share their appreciation for the helpful tips.

"I really appreciate these videos. You’re helping so many families during these times of high inflation!" wrote one viewer.

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A second person commented: "I literally just came from Dollar Tree and you are right on with what to buy where!"

"Thank you so much for doing all the hard work finding us bargains during the hectic back to school season!" said another user.

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