I Can't Get Over How Cozy and Fashionable This Sweatsuit Is

Chunky knit sweaters and fashionable outerwear certainly get their fall fashion due, but for those that prefer a more athleisure-inspired fit, this writer humbly suggests the sweatsuit. Thanks to celebrity athleisure supporters like Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox, outfits once reserved for staying in are now approved for going out, and there's one particular brand that's made a seriously cozy option.

Brunette the Label, loved by the Hollywood likes of Selena Gomez and Serena Williams, offers just about everything, including dresses and accessories. As an avid fan of all things comfy, my introduction to the brand came in the form of a sweatsuit. I thought I had experienced the full extent of a matching sweatsuit in the past, but this particular iteration from Brunette is just about the coziest and most fashionable option I've ever donned.

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I share little in common with any member of Hollywood's inner circle, but like Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles, I too appreciate the versatility of a hoodie. I especially look for pieces that can keep me cozy while I work from home, but will also be appropriate for when I make my eventual coffee run. Sporting Brunette's Best Friend hoodie and matching sweatpants, I felt as though I reached my full athleisure form.

The hoodie sits enough on your neck that it's comfortable without being too low and its cut is intended to sit above the waist. This is especially welcome for those of us that prefer our hoodies to not crop up. Made of cotton French terry, the hoodie kept me warm on a mild fall afternoon, but I didn't feel overheated.

Although the hoodies, available in solid colors, could easily be worn with any other bottoms in your closet, like jeans, leggings, or shorts, I chose to wear mine with the matching joggers. Made of the same soft material, the joggers hit high enough on the waist that the bottoms coordinated perfectly with the cut of the hoodie. Plus, thanks to the relaxed fit, the pants were loose and comfortable, but not overwhelmingly baggy.

Paparazzi did not follow me on my run to the grocery store, but after donning this sweatsuit for a day, I found myself enamored with how truly comfortable it was. In fact, I'm considering a fall wardrobe that consists entirely of sweatsuits. If Timothée Chalmet can wear a hoodie on the red carpet, anything is possible.

Make some room in your cozy season closet for the sweatsuit you'll never want to take off. 

Shop now: $99; brunettethelabel.com

Shop now: $88; brunettethelabel.com

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