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WHEN Kim Kardashian debuted SKKN by Kim, fans of the reality star were eager to get their hands on the luxurious skincare line.

One fan tried all of the brand's offerings, and while one product was a standout, she had mixed feelings about the others – and one major question about the brand's packaging.

YouTube star and Kim Kardashian fan Hope Allen purchased all the SKKN by Kim products at their mid-summer launch.

"When I say I bought it all, I mean I bought the complete collection," Allen said, brandishing the huge box she received.

Allen paid $575 for the complete collection, which would have cost $673 if she purchased each product individually.

Allen said the beautiful packaging was one of the most appealing parts of the skincare line. "It gives the same vibe as Kim's house," she said, admiring the sleek lines and neutral tones.


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But the minimalist look of the products came at a price, as Allen learned when she investigated the "refill" system the brand offers.

SKKN sells "refills" for each product, which slide and snap into the chic plastic packaging.

The price difference between the refills and the products varies, with some refills costing $13 less than the products that come with the branded packaging.

"This plastic case is worth $6?" asked Allen, holding up the cleanser in confusion.

Despite the baffling pricing, the vlogger tried the entire line, prepping her skin with the $43 cream cleanser to begin.

"I feel clean," Allen said, but added that her everyday cleanser feels just as effective, and at a much more affordable price.

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Next, Allen opened the round package containing the exfoliant, which incorporates physical exfoliants plus enzymes at a $55 price tag.

"This does have a scent to it," Allen said, working the exfoliant into her skin. She said that the exfoliant was a standout product from the line and left her skin feeling great.

Though she encountered some difficulty opening and using the liquid products, Allen liked the toner, $45, because it seemed to be effective while still being gentle.

"It's not 'spicy' like a lot of toners," Allen explained.

The hyaluronic acid serum and vitamin C8 serum, priced at $90 each, weren't as impressive. Working the hyaluronic acid into her skin, Allen grimaced.

"It's kind of sticky," she said. "I don't know if I like it." She wasn't wowed by the watery vitamin C, either.

"I don't know about the serums," Allen admitted.

The eye cream and face cream had near-identical, spherical packaging, though the container eye cream was much smaller.

The 0.5-ounce eye cream costs $75, while the face cream comes in a 1.6-ounce container for $85.

"I guess this little bit will go a long way on your eyes," Allen said, tapping a small amount into the skin around her eyes. She seemed much more enthusiastic about the face cream.

"Ooh, it's thick, which I like because I'm such a dry person," she said.

The price tags for the oil drops and night oil, which cost $95 each, left Allen in shock.

She held up the bottles, saying she couldn't believe the products cost nearly $100 "for this little tiny one-ounce!"

Once she tried the oils, Allen still wasn't convinced. "It's nice," she said, but "I can't say if its $95 nice."

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Despite being a major Kim Kardashian fan, Allen found the skincare line to be lacking, and none of the products seemed significantly different from her less-expensive vanity staples.

"This is a lot of steps," Allen said. "A lot of expensive steps." She said unless one of the products surprised her after regular use, she wouldn't re-purchase SKKN items, but would definitely use up all the pricey products to get her money's worth.

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