I bought a Christmas tree but couldn't see what it looked like until I got home – it's more like a Christmas shrub | The Sun

HE thought he'd got a real Christmas corker when he picked up his tree.

But when Hesham got home, he was somewhat bemused by what he'd been left with.

"My housemate and I got our Christmas tree today," he began.

"And you know how Christmas trees, real Christmas trees, come in that white netting?

"We were like, 'Oh this one looks nice and full. Let's get it!'"

They then got home, cut the netting off and let the tree rest before examining their purchase.

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"We came home, cut the netting, let the tree rest and when I tell you this is not a tree… that's a Christmas shrub!" he laughed.

"That's a Christmas bush. Like, what?

"Where does it end and where does it start?

"It is literally a square with a little knob at the top. What is this?"

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Hesham added in the caption that he still loves his tree, despite its unusual appearance.

"I love it though, not all trees are perfect," he wrote.

People were quick to comment on the hilarious Christmas shrub, with one writing: "Oh Christmas square, oh Christmas square, how rectangular are your branches."

"I feel like there could be a children’s story here : Chris the Square Christmas Tree," another added.

While a third commented: "Our town Christmas tree like 2 yrs ago looks just like this and the memes on fb and the towns ppl basically bullied the town into replacing it!"

As someone else wrote: "I would die for him."

To which Hesham replied: "We love him for who he is."

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