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TATTOOS turning out bad can be horrible for the receiver who can be stuck with it for the rest of their life.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to Ally Jaynee, when she asked for a tattoo of a lion on her hand.

Posting to TikTok, Ally says that while it was in process her tattoo artist said: “Don’t worry, it will get better, it isn’t finished yet.”

But sadly for her, this was clearly not the case, and as the process continued the tattoo did not improve in the slightest, and, according to Ally still looked terrible in the end.

Sharing it with her followers, many seemed to agree with Ally, with one joking: “At least it isn’t anywhere visible.”

Another wrote: “I mean if you squint….. after like 7 tequila shots I'm sure it looks awesome!”

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Writing in the comment section Ally says she did get the tattoo covered: “ I paid to have it covered up two weeks later and then had it laser removed.”

In another comment she adds that after getting it covered up it just faded back to the original, which is likely why she ultimately decided to get it lasered off.

Some TikTok users placed some of the blame for the bad tattoo on Ally herself, suggesting that perhaps she hadn’t done enough research into the artist.

“That’s why people should do RESEARCH on their artist and not just go with a random or someone you know who says they can do it,” wrote one such commenter.

A second added: “It’s called a portfolio. If you don’t take the time to look at what the artist can do you end up with this.”

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In other bad tattoos news, one Reddit asked for a tattoo of a Greek goddess, but ended up with what looks like a sex toy on their leg.

And another wanted an inking of corn dogs-  but it was compared to a lesion and bacteria online.

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