I already had seven kids including two sets of twins then gave birth to quintuplets – we were only trying for one more | The Sun

A FAMILY of nine has just become 14 after a mother beat the odds and successfully gave birth to quintuplets.

Dominika and Vince Clarke welcomed the brand new set of five babies to the world in a hospital in Krakow, Poland on Sunday.

At home, the British-Polish couple already have to split their attention between their seven kids aged between 12 to 10-months-old, which includes two sets of twins.

"We were planning to have an eighth child but there turned out to be more," Dominika told reporters at the hospital.

The tiny babies were delivered two months early and by caesarean – weighed between 1lb 9ozs to 3lbs 1oz.

They are all requiring respiratory support within incubators.

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"We hope that we can arrive at the joyful moment of discharging them from the hospital," said Ryszard Lauterbach, head of the neonatology department.

The mother-of-twelve called their births a "miracle".

"Such a pregnancy occurs once in 52 million," she added. "I’m a mathematician, I like such statistics. There is a greater chance of winning the lottery than of having this crowd."

Dominika, 37, said: "If you have a system, a calm approach and a positive attitude, then it is possible to have a really cool life with such a large bunch of children".

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The new additions to the large family have been called Charles Patrick, Henry James, Elizabeth May, Evangeline Rose and Arianna Daisy.

It is only the second time in the Krakow University Hospital's history that they have delivered quintuplets.

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