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IF you thought WD40's only use was for oiling up squeaky hinges, think again, as people online claim you can use the lubricant for a long list of other tasks, from getting chewing gum out of the carpet to making dull silver jewellery look shiny again.

The blue and yellow can is a staple product many of us already have lying around the house, but we bet you didn't know WD40 could be used for so many different things.

We've compiled a list of the internet's best use for the incredible multi-purpose spray.

Polishing jewellery

All silver, stainless steel and titanium jewellery loses its shine after a while.

But with a nifty trick using WD40 could save your jewellery from the bin.

A viral video shared by lifestyle magazine MetDaan Tips recommends adding a cup of baking soda, some salt and a small piece of tinfoil to a pan of hot water.

Wait until the salt is dissolved, then submerge the jewellery for a few minutes.

Then remove the jewellery and buff with some WD40 and a cloth.

You'll be floored

One woman told the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips that she had successfully removed pollen stains from her carpet by using WD40.

She said: "Well I'm amazed… It works so quickly and easy, even tried on a hidden stubborn stain under the sofa which no carpet stain remover has budged!"

The woman recommended spraying WD40 on to a stain and leaving it to work its magic for around 15 minutes before wiping away.

And that's not all – WD40 can also be used to remove chewing gum from carpets with the same method.

Oh my hob

A user of the Facebook group Mums Who Clean got her stainless steel hob top sparkling clean with the help of WD40.

After trying numerous products on the surface, the woman was amazed by how effective the multi-use product was.

Wood you believe it

MetDaan Tips claims the stuff in those magic blue and yellow can remove stains from carpets, wood and walls.

The video demonstrates how the lubricant can be used to remove crayon and pencil scribbles on wood, but it can also work on walls and flooring too.

In addition, a Facebook user successfully removed hair dye stains from her white cupboard doors with a spray of WD40.

It's curtains for you

A Mrs Hinch fan shared her own WD40 tip online.

"I've just sprayed some WD40 onto some kitchen roll and wiped it on the top of my metal curtain pole," she wrote. "My metal eyelets now glide so smoothly to open and close my curtains!"

Sticking with it

Getting stubborn glue off surfaces can be a pain – but a quick spritz of WD40 will work a treat.

Taking to the Facebook group Mrs Hinch cleaning tips, one woman told fellow cleaning fanatics that she'd successfully removed stubborn glue left behind by lino flooring.

In addition, WD40 can be used to remove glue left over from the labels on glass jars and bottles, as demonstrated in the MetDaan Tips video.

Glass act

Have you ever stacked one glass on top of the other, only to return to them later and discover they had become stuck together?

To save you potentially injuring yourself, MetDaan Tips says adding some WD40 to the point where the two glasses join will work a treat.

We also shared how a woman gets her windows sparkling using fabric softener and washing up liquid.

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