How spending a tenner could add THOUSANDS to your home thanks to these easy improvements

THE housing market is seriously competitive, and you’ll need to spend thousands to fetch a decent price, right?

Wrong! Experts have revealed the very simple – not to mention cheap – touch ups you can do yourself that could add thousands to the value of your home.

From replacing tired bathroom fixtures, to adding a lick of paint to your front door, we reveal how spending as little as a tenner could earn you thousands…

Open new doors

The thing people first notice when entering your home is your front door, which could put people off if it’s looking worse for wear.

Experts at MyToolShed said: “A fresh coat of paint can immediately give your home a fresh and updated look.

"When picking a colour for your front door the best option according to Zillow’s 2019 Design Forecast, is black or charcoal grey, as homes with this coloured front door sold for (£5,241) more than expected."

One mum proved just how easy it is to transform a front door using paint.

In a post on Facebook group 'Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK', the DIY fan explained how she had been inspired to give the entrance to her home an affordable upgrade using nothing but olive green paint.

Tester pots of paint can be picked up for less than £2 in B&Q.


Sarah Beeney suggests homeowners take inspiration from interiors bloggers, TV programmes and magazines to give their home an update.

"First impressions count and people will pay a premium for nicely decorated homes," she said.

However, you needn’t spend a fortune as this mum proved when she decorated her son’s wall for just £1.75.

Staysha Critchlow, from Nottingham, wanted to spruce up eight-month-old Dougie’s room after recently moving into a new place.

She picked up a £1.75 circular sponge from Wilko and Dulux paint to create a unique pattern on the wall that would match with her new woodland theme.

Lick of paint

Colour is also important on the walls, with Mytoolshed saying: “You can actually increase the value of your property just by picking the right colours for a particular room.”

Estate agent Zillow found certain colours can add more value than others, with light blue bathrooms worth £2,323.29, and living rooms in light taupe can add £2,329.12, with paint around £16 a tub.

And redecorating needn’t be a costly affair with this woman revamping her hallway for just £15 with B&Q paint.

Refresh kitchen cabinets

Experts shared a tip “that you wouldn’t expect to work but does”, according to Zillow.

Kitchens which have different coloured cabinets – where the higher ones are one shade and the lower ones another – can add as much as £1,286.61 to your home.

You can either buy new doors, for around £60, or paint them yourself.

This mum revamped her own dated cabinets for just £38 using cupboard paint and new handles from eBay.

Make a splash

A decent bathroom can be integral to bumping up the price of a property, but replacing a bathroom suite can be seriously pricey.

However, experts at Toolshed said changing small fixtures can add up to a big benefit. 

They said: “Bathroom features are surprisingly cheap, you can get yourself a set of new taps (£20), a heated chrome towel rail (£50), a big new shower head (£20) all for under £100 and according to NetHousePrices, new features like this can add 2.88% (£7,000) onto your house’s value.”

This mum was able to spruce up her own bathroom at a bargain price using sticky back plastic rather than forking out for new tiles.

She added a patterned vinyl flooring from B&M for £39.99, before painting the existing tiles with Fairfield Matt paint from B&Q, which costs £19.99. 

In other DIY news, completely transformed her overgrown patio using eBay bargains.

And this woman gave her boring beige hallway a makeover using a stencil for £40.

Plus a woman desperate for a pink fridge upcycled her old white one for just £22.

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