Home Bargains is selling glow in the dark Christmas bedding and it’s getting people into the festive spirit

WANT to make Christmas extra magical this year?

Home Bargains is selling glow in the dark bedding, and it looks like the ideal way to kick off the festive season. 

The duvet set costs £14.99 and is sure to make bedtime the best part of the day. 

Home Bargains shared a photo of the incredible bedspread on their Instagram page, with the caption: “Give your bedroom a Christmas update with this Glow in the Dark duvet set. 

“The beautiful Christmas scene will bring a smile to your face every morning, while the calming winter colours will help you drift off peacefully at night.”

The bedding comes in both a single or a double cover and is perfect for kids and big kids alike. 

The Home Bargains website says: “The magic doesn't just stop with the inclusion of Santa though; turn off the light and watch as it glows in the dark! 

“One thing is for sure, you'll be dreaming of a white Christmas every night.”

Unsurprisingly, many shoppers were highly excited by the new product and gushed about it in the comments. 

One said: “I want this so much for my two.”

Another added: “How amazing!”

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