Hailey Bieber finally shares her secret to getting her glazed donut nails – and it’s so easy you'll be surprised | The Sun

IF YOU spend your days on TikTok then you're sure to have heard about the 'glazed donut' nail trend taking the app by storm.

And after weeks of people recreating the look, Hailey Bieber, the OG of the trend has finally revealed the secret to doing it yourself.

Hailey Bieber, 25, from Arizona, US, who is of course, married to Justin Bieber, shared how her nail artist actually creates the glistening, your nails but better, design.

Posting the video on TikTok, Hailey took fans through a step-by-step guide of her nail art.

And the secret yet effective wayshe creates the natural look.

"Here’s my nail combo, the (key) is to mix whatever colour you choose with clear polish to thin it out," she captioned the video.


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In the short clip, she shows the nail polishes she uses, O.P.I's Pale to the Chief which retails for £15. 95, which she then thins out with a clear polish.

This is a vital step to make your nail polish look as natural as possible while giving it a definitive colour.

She mixes the nail polish together on what appears to be a slab of crystal and applies it to her nails.

Next she uses the O.P.I chrome effect in the shade Tin Man Can, which is currently only available for professionals to buy.

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However, there are plenty of other nail brands that sell chrome powder to us normal folk – such as Halo Nails, where prices start from £2.50.

Hailey then steps out into the sunshine to show off her glistening nails, and viewers were thrilled she shared her manicure routine.

One wrote: "An icon never gatekeeps."

Another commented: "The fact that she didn’t gatekeep her nail polish colour."

A third penned: "Every girl at nail salon showing this video to their nail tech."

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