Guys always told me I wasn’t their type until I lost weight – now I’m fit and suddenly they ‘always liked me’ | The Sun

A SUPER fit gym girl has revealed how the same men who once turned her down came crawling back after she transformed her look.

TikToker Jo Wuensche shared a number of before and after videos on social media to showcase her changed look.

The fitness fan and digital content creator posts gym-related content to TikTok under the handle @jowuensche.

And in a series of mini video clips and stills, the blonde beauty inspired viewers with her dedication and eye on the prize.

Detailing previous rejection she faced from men prior to adopting a gym-centric lifestyle, Wuensche wrote: "You're not my type," parroting the comments she received from guys.

According to Wuensche, some men simply regarded her as a friend and not a romantic interest.


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She clearly elevated her confidence by adopting a more active lifestyle.

Wuensche displayed the glow-up in a series of clips using the stair machine and sprinting on the treadmill — two of the more arduous modes of cardio.

The self-assured woman shared several mirror selfies showcasing chiseled abs and an enviable sillhouette.

The transformation did not go unnoticed by men who previously snubbed her.

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Wuensche detailed the commentary received from regretful men who rejected her in the past.

"I've always liked you," she detailed. "Can we try again?"

Wuensche clearly moved on, writing "Thanks, but no thanks."

The TikToker also shared priceless advice for those looking for authentic and deep connection: "Never judge someone because of their looks!"

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