Gut-wrenching moment 'cheating' man is busted in a hotel when his furious girlfriend rocks up with her DAD

A WOMAN who claims her boyfriend was cheating on her got the ultimate revenge when she rocked up at a hotel he was at alongside her fuming dad.

TikTok user Jade supposedly tricked her man into thinking he was meeting up with another woman, her friend Hayley, but things didn't end well for him.

In a clip on TikTok, Jade explains how she found out that her boyfriend had been texting his ex, but she decided to let it slide.

But her friend Hayley wasn't so trusting and began messaging him as a test – one he failed miserably.

Jade says her boyfriend took the bait and book a hotel room where he planned to meet Hayley.

Instead, he opened the hotel room door to discover his furious girlfriend and her enraged dad who had some pretty stern words for him.

Jade filmed the incident on her phone before sharing it online.

In it, her dad, whose face is covered, greets his daughter's "cheating" boyfriend by saying: "Hi, I'm Hayley."

Jade adds: "And I’m your ex-girlfriend."

Her dad continues: "You don’t go back to the house.

"There is no Hayley, you f***ed up."

All the while her now ex-boyfriend stands in the doorway as he's being lectured, not capable of much more than a simple nod and "yep".

The video has racked up quite the response on TikTok with many people praising Jade's dad for stepping in.

"Your dad is awesome," one person wrote.

"I wish I had a relationship like that with my dad," said another.

Taking aim at Jade's ex-boyfriend's stance, another person said:"Look how awkward he looks."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "My dad would have beat the s*** out of him. Good on yours for staying so calm."

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