Five viral kitchen hacks you MUST try – including how to revive dying vegetables and make more work surface space

THERE is a kitchen hack for everything these days, and TikTok is full of handy tips for saving time and energy when cooking.

We’ve rounded up five of the best tricks, which will take your culinary game to the next level.

One of the tricks helps prolong the life of your dying vegetables, and gives it a new lease of life.

And have you ever been fed up of crying when chopping onions? 

Another trick shows exactly how to banish the tears for good. 

Here are five of the must-try kitchen game-changers….

Revive dying vegetables

TikTok user @alesharuddenklau showed how you can bring back your sad-looking broccoli to look “as good as new”.

The trick, which has racked up 75,000 likes, shows her chopping the stalk of a broccoli, and then placing it in a cup of water in the fridge. 

When she returns to the vegetable, it looks a whole lot fresher than it did before.

Stop tears chopping onions

Tired of crying every time it comes to chopping onions for dinner?

TikTok user @cerealeatingghost has got a theory that could change your slicing game. 

She said: “The acid that is in onions is attracted to a water source. 

“So your tear ducts are usually the first place. 

“So all you have to do is get a damp paper towel, fold it up, keep it on your cutting board. 

“That acid will be drawn to the wet paper towel and not your tear ducts.”

One person watching the video, which has 87,000 likes, said: “Thank you for changing my life!”

Make more work surface space

The third hack involves maximising counter space, when you need to read a large recipe book for a meal. 

Instead of laying it out flat and getting food inevitably spilt on it, you simply need to use a trousers hanger that has two clips at either end. 

Open out the book, secure both clips on each side of the book, and then hang it from an upper cupboard knob so it dangles and frees up your counter. 

@savvymum_uk shared the hack and called it a “space-saving” trick.

Instant pantry

Mum Shannon Doherty, frequently shares life hacks and home ideas with her more than 600,000 followers.

For one of her videos, Shannon revealed she keeps a shoe organiser in her pantry.

She said it "turns into an instant pantry for space”, and showed how she stashes snacks in the pockets for her kids to grab.

Separate egg from yolk using a garlic

A clever kitchen hack shows how to separate an egg yolk from the whites with just a clove of garlic.

The hack is so simple you can do it with your hands – and it left users stunned as it was dubbed "real magic."

The food hack was shared by user @callumgray0 on TikTok.

In the video, the TikToker – whose name is Callum Gray, according to his profile – showed a clove of garlic, an egg in a bowl, and a mug.

He then rubbed his fingers on the clove of garlic.

Using his thumb and middle finger, he then plucked the yolk out of the bowl.

The yolk stuck to his fingers, and seamlessly separated from the white.

As he moved his hand to hover above the mug, he wiggled his fingers.

He showed how the egg stuck to his fingers before plopping perfectly into the cup.

The yolk sat in the mug, unbroken and totally separated from the whites.

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