Fashion Girls Are Obsessed With Animal-Print Dresses — Shop the Trend For $22 Right Here

A denim or army jacket looks great with the print.

After combing through my summer dresses, I realized that I was ready for a new vibrant print. I saw tons of ditsy floral patterns and loud tropical splashes, but I wanted something else: leopard print. Depending on how you style it, leopard- and zebra-print dresses can actually be versatile.

A quick peek into how influencers style this trend proves it. You can wear the busy prints as is, temper them down with a contrasting tie-dye T-shirt (yes, really!), and even utilize a denim jacket to round out the iconic prints. Up ahead, see how some of my favorite fashion influencers wear their animal-print dresses, then get ready to shop, because I found the perfect leopard-print dress ($22) from Old Navy.

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