Fan shares subtle sign Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson ‘aren’t really together’ and it’s all in her body language | The Sun

WHEN reality TV princess Kim Kardashian first paired up with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, their relationship was immediately put under scrutiny.

Now, one fan claims that the pair aren't really a couple – and that she has receipts to prove it.

"I'm a big Kim stan," explained Jessica Laing, who posted her personal theory to TikTok. In a video that's now been viewed more than 65k times, Laing explained why she's skeptical of the so-called "Kete" pairing.

"I don't think they're really together," Laing insisted. She said that all Kardashian fans know that when Kim enters a new relationship, "she's all about the guy."

In contrast, she shared a paparazzi snap of Kim with Pete. "This, holding hands?"

The fan held her hand in a claw shape to demonstrate the unnatural configuration of their romantic gesture. She also pointed out the "big gap" between Pete and Kim.


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"This is Kim when she's into her man," she said, swapping the picture of Kim and Pete for a photo of Kim with ex-husband Kanye West.

In the photo, Kim was holding hands with Kanye, but without a noticeable distance between their bodies. In fact, the then-couple were touching one another from shoulder to waist, grinning as they walked along.

Laing cycled through a number of other KimYe photos: Kanye with his hand on Kim's hip, Kim and Kanye leaning against each other's chests, Kanye with his hands planted on Kim's butt.

"This is Kim in a relationship, no doubt," Laing said, showing another snap of Kanye with his arms around Kim.

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But it wasn't just Kanye who had a history of major PDA with Kim.

"Even when she was with Kris Humphries," Laing said, showing photos of Kim snuggled up against the former basketball player and being lifted in his arms. "You can see she's into her man."

Then, she switched back to an awkward photo of Kim and Pete together in a parking lot. Even though the duo were smiling, Laing pointed out that only their hands were touching.

"See the gap?" she asked. "There's always a massive gap." She added that video footage of that specific encounter shows Kim and Pete hold hands for a few seconds, then pull away.

Then Laing focused in on Pete's stance in photos of the couple together.

"Does this look like the confidence of a man who's sleeping with one of the most beautiful women in the world?" she asked.

Compared to other men dating Kardashians, like Machine Gun Kelly, Laing said Pete seemed "awkward" – likely because he was too concerned about "holding her hand right."

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In the comments section, a few people contested Laing's argument based on how happy the couple seemed, but Laing insisted the pair are just friends.

"I definitely think she’s enjoying chilling and spending time with him," Laing wrote, "but I don’t think she’s into him like that."

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