Fail safe way to get rid of flies from your home – and all you need are 3 ingredients you already have in your kitchen | The Sun

A FAIL safe hack with just three ingredients from your kitchen can banish flies from your home for good.

While Brits welcome the warm weather with open arms, they'll be less fond of the pesky insects coming with it.

Luckily, a savvy expert has revealed a genius method to get rid of the flying pests with products laying around in your kitchen.

Dustin Hadley took to social media to share the "fail safe" hack to his more than 3.3 million followers.

On a TikTok video captioned "I cannot stand flies" he showed the easy-step hack.

He said: "For 40 years battling flies and smelling stinky flies traps I could have done this."

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The content creator then proceeds to hold a notepad with the list of ingredients.

He claimed all you need is one tea spoon of honey, a third cup of brown sugar and one cup of water.

He added: "If it works, I'm going to save this."

Dustin then takes a water bottle and cut the first third of the plastic with a pair of scissors.

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"Save that, we'll put our ingredients in it," he explained.

He then puts the three ingredients into the cup and mix them up.

After creating a liquid mixture, he takes the cap off and places it upside down inside the bottle.

Making sure that the liquid doesn't spill from the bottle, he drains the excess off.

Dustin finally adds tape to the top part of the plastic to hold it in place.

He explains:  "Now take it outside and test it. Make sure that it doesn't stink.

"Then if it doesn't, you can then put it in your house."

The inflencer returns the next day from work and checks his "homemade fly-getter".

Stunned Dustin said: "Oh wow, there's a ton of them in there."

The astonished money-saver expert then holds the bottle full of flies up to the camera.

"It doesn't stink. That's awesome," he said.

The video has now gone viral with more than 20 million views and more than two million likes.

Thousands of users flocked to comment section to share their thoughts and tips.

A user who tried the hack said: "I have been doing this for over a year. it works with regular sugar. I put it in my garage and kitchen.

One mum added: "My son did this when we were camping. He put raw bacon in it too. Got the horse flies too."

Meanwhile, other users offered a different recipe that "works better".

@ambulldogmama73 said: "I got you one better. Vanilla car freshers. I have one outside my back door. flies hate the vanilla trees."

Another added: "You can also do a little bit of reg sugar, some water, and a couple drops of dawn dish soap."

But some users were less impressed and said the hack doesn't work.

Someone said: "Fly traps never take flies away from the house. They just attract the neighbour's flies."

@Angrycustomer added: "that's good for the house, but don't leave that outside. You'll actually draw flies towards your house. It happened to me. Trust me".

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It comes as another expert revealed a simple £2.60 hack to banish pesky insect from your home in seconds.

And all you need are two common household items, according to a pest control expert.

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