Euromillions winner Jane Park boasts of 'biggest earning month' ever on OnlyFans selling topless snaps

EUROMILLIONS winner Jane Park has raked in her most cash ever selling saucy pictures on OnlyFans.

The 25-year-old, from Edinburgh, revealed March was her "biggest earning month" since launching her page in 2019.

The millionaire socialite opened up about her naughty income on social media as she teased fans to subscribe.

And she's even offering discounts to any new followers – £7 ($10) for a month, £40 ($56.25) for three months, and £76 ($105) for six months.

Posting on her Insta Stories, she said: "March was my biggest earning month since starting OnlyFans.

"Discounted subscription prices and half price snaps."

OnlyFans is a subscription service where content creators provide exclusive material to their subscribers, or “fans.”

This time last year, Jane boasted she'd made more than £25,000 selling topless pictures.

A screenshot of her OnlyFans account showed she has banked £25,103.79 ($32,463.20) from raunchy snaps of her boobs.

At the time, Jane said: "Bear in mind I've only had this under a year. Think I started it May/June."

It comes after a source close to the Hibs-daft Lotto winner predicted the blonde beauty is on track to make her second million from OnlyFans.

The insider told how her army of admirers generates up to £45,000 a month in income as she’s inundated with requests for her saucy topless photos.

The source said: “It’s completely unexpected. It’s crazy. The £30 a month is for being on her OnlyFans profile.

A post shared by Jane Park (@janeparkx)

A post shared by Jane Park (@janeparkx)

"People can pay an extra £50 for topless images and she donates the cash to charity. The profile gives her £45,000 a month for holidays, nights out and clothes.”

Jane – who has spent lockdown in Dubai and spent £4,500 of her lottery cash to pay for a boob job – told The Scottish Sun she is thrilled with her massive earnings from the naughty app.

But she fears news of her success will attract gripes from some quarters as she’s been knocked in the past for her lifestyle — and has been slammed for flogging the snaps of her chest.

She said: “I seem to get whinged at regardless of what I do. When I didn’t work I would have people thinking I didn’t deserve my money.

"Now I do something online and earn money I still get whinged at. I can’t win.”

And Jane, who won her fortune in 2013 aged 17, has previously ruled out working in porn — despite selling semi-naked snaps.

She insisted she was proud of her project and revealed footballers and reality television stars were among those asking for pics.

But she ruled out making a career in the adult industry.

She said: “I have nothing against people wanting that but it’s not for me.

"I want a family at some point and I’m very conscious of not wanting to embarrass them."

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