'Dragon girl' who went blind from tattooing her eyeballs shows off her latest painful-looking inking

AUSTRALIAN ALT-MODEL Amber Luke, 26, who is already covered head to toe in 600 tattoos has added more painful inking to her body: this time the word ‘death’ to her fingers.

Amber, whose body is covered in tattoos inspired by satanic symbols and dedications recently went blind for three weeks after having a ‘dragon blue’ inking tattooed to her eyeballs.

Having spent more than $120,000 on extreme body modifications including a forked tongue and elfin ear surgery–implants inside the top of the ear to give them a pointed ‘elf’ look- Amber’s new painful tattoo will no doubt not be her last.

A self-confessed Satanist, Amber also have ‘666’, an upside-down cross (the signifier of the Anti-Christ in the Bible) and a serpent tattooed on her face.

The KillStar model has also had cheek and lip fillers as well and breast and bum enhancements.


Amber, who went through depression as a teenager has spoken of developing a tattoo addiction and even the pain of getting eyeballs tattooed which she says felt like "rubbing glass shards in my eye" has not stopped her from continuing to add to her extreme look, including getting her teeth sharpened into fangs.

Unfortunately, her alternative look has gotten Amber’s Instagram account deactivated a whopping eight times.

And earlier this year she narrowly escaped a prison sentence for drug trafficking after police found bags of marijuana and MDMA and other drug paraphernalia at her home last year.

A Brisbane court found that she had been carrying out that Amber had profited thousands of dollars from doing drug deals and she was given a three-year sentence with immediate parole

But Amber has been quick to turn her life around by capitalising on her social media fame by becoming an entrepreneur and creating Dragon Boxes, a company selling custom-made jewellery boxes, ‘satanic’ stick-on nails, and sexy baby-doll garter belts.

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