Daily numerology: What the numbers mean for you today Saturday April 3

NUMEROLOGY is the study of numbers in your life and what they can mean for each individual person.

The cosmos and your life is affected by your birth date, birth name and other factors surrounding an individual. How will the numbers affect you today? 

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After a fairly positive week, you are happy that many problems and obstacles you faced are mostly resolved. Your spirits will be high today as a result.

Your lucky number of the day is 7.


At the moment you're feeling a bit insecure about yourself. Your goal is to find that optimism you may have lost.

Your lucky number of the day is 33.


Your day will be filled with highs and lows. Your personal life is in need of some work that you will find time for.

Your lucky number of the day is 11.


Your week was busy but your weekend will not be. Your friends are asking you to get together but you're looking for some alone time.

Your lucky number of the day is 15.


You're feeling in a generous mood and willing to help lend a hand to others. Your generosity does not go unnoticed.

Your lucky number of the day is 9.


You have been feeling under the weather this week but are starting to feel better and gain your strength back. Try taking some time to go outside.

Your lucky number of the day is 1.


You're expecting some changes in your future but you're not afraid of what's to come. You will spend a good time going through what you need to prepare for.

Your lucky number of the day is 8.


You're proposed with a deal that's too good to avoid. However, think long and hard about what it is you want.

Your lucky number of the day is 17.


You're feeling ready to go out and want to see more people. You plan to get together with friends and spend time with your partner.

Your lucky number of the day is 5.

How do I calculate my Life Path Number?

Your Life Path Number is calculated by your date of birth and is considered one of the most important and influential numbers within your entire Numerology Chart.

Example Birthday: 07 / 03 / 1992

0 + 7 + 0 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 31. Then add 3 and 1 together. Their Life Path Number is 4.

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