Dad turns his living room into a giant ball pit to surprise his daughter on her birthday

A FUN-loving dad made his daughter's birthday wishes come true – after converting their living room into a BALL PIT.

Sienna Smith was gutted not to be able to spend her fifth birthday with pals at her favourite soft play haunt.

But her dad Phil, 41, secretly hired 26,000 plastic balls – and turned the family home in Manchester, into a giant playground.

The single dad even wrapped and hid Sienna's other birthday presents amongst the balls – which took her days to find.

Phil, the chairman of a non-league football team, said: “Obviously we can’t do much at the moment and I just wanted to do something fun for my little girl.

“The ball pit idea turned out a lot better than I thought it would be.

“I did a big reveal to Sienna and called her into the room and she was giggling away – it was lovely to see her so happy.

“There were so many, we could jump off the couch into it because it was like a pool and it would take your weight.

“We ended up spending all day playing in it and I’m not sure who’s the bigger kid – me or her.”

Phil first toyed with the idea of turning his front room into a beach for Sienna to pretend she was on holiday, but decided on the soft play theme when he realised sand could be a logistical problem.

He ordered the masses of balls from Ball Mania Manchester and they arrived in five huge sand bags which were four feet tall.

Phil said: “When the delivery guy arrived, he had already unloaded two bags from the van and I said ‘wow that’s a lot’ – then when he told me there were three more bags I was shocked.

“I only used three bags in the end because I couldn’t fit the other two in the room.

“It took around an hour to get the bags in and to get them out it took about five hours to get them out – it was fun at first but very tiring.”

Sienna spent all day playing and finding her presents in the ball pit, and Phil now believes everyone should try out the quirky idea to cheer themselves up.

“I’d recommend it to anyone who’s stuck at home and bored because it’s a right laugh.”

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