Cruel trolls said I’d never find love and mocked me for having the UK’s biggest eyebrows but I’ve proved them wrong | The Sun

A WOMAN with the UK's biggest eyebrows faced harsh comments from trolls for her looks, but defined them all by finding love.

 Sammie-Jo Hailford went viral after she started posting videos of herself online, but it was her huge eyebrows that go people talking.

But the mum-of-two revealed that she's found love, despite what trolls saying no man would ever want her.

She recently shared a video of her new beau, Bailey Pike, online with one of the comments she received which said: "You could never get a boyfriend with those eyebrows."

Sammie, from Grimsby, quipped: "I beg to differ darling" as she showed off her boyfriend.

The eyebrow lover told that trolls have called social services on her in the past because of her unique look.

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The mum said: “Don’t judge. All they see is messy makeup and big eyebrows.

"They don't see what's beneath and that's the problem.

“They are so controlled by image and what beauty should look like they can't even be kind to someone unless they are somewhat attractive to them and that is a very worrying concept.”

Luckily her boyfriend can deal with the waves of hate, Sammie explained: "He is super supportive when it comes to the brow movement.

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“He’s just in general very supportive towards me in anything that I would want to do.

"He’s got involved a couple of times on my TikToks and lets me do his eyebrows and makeup.

“He sees the funny side of it and we have both had lots of fun getting him involved.”

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