Cleaning fanatic turns laundry capsule into spray to freshen up her sofa and curtains and people reckon she’s a genius

A WOMAN has revealed how she uses a laundry capsule to get her soft furnishings smelling good.

The cleaning fan, called Chantelle, shared how she turns just one into a spray to freshen-up her sofa, cushions and curtains.

In a post on TikTok, the genius social media user took viewers step-by-step through the easy process.

First, Chantelle popped a single laundry capsule in an empty pan, before filling it with hot water from a kettle.

After a matter of seconds, this caused the capsule to dissolve, creating a soapy solution.

She then poured this, using a funnel, into an empty spray bottle.


Finally, she doused the fresh-smelling scent onto her sofa, cushions and curtains.

Her post, which has been viewed more than 24.1 million times, has received more than 1.1 million 'likes'.

Her tip comes shortly after it was revealed that cleaning fans have been using fabric softener to freshen up old sofas.

A TikTok account, @householdlove0, demonstrated how you can use the hack to get your house smelling amazing.

Firstly, you need to add a cap-full of fabric softener into a bowl and top it up with boiling water.

Use a sponge, properly squeezed out, and rub the diluted fabric conditioner onto your sofa.

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