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TRYING to get your clothes dry in the winter can feel impossible – especially when you're trying to keep the tumble dryer off.

But cleaning fans have revealed a 'little trick' that will change the game forever.

A mum has taken to social media sharing the genius cleaning hack and people couldn't wait to try it for themselves.

Putting the tumble dryer on can cost you a tonne of money in energy bill – which most of us would rather avoid.

However, it can take days to dry your clothes indoors and it can leave a nasty musty smell on them.

Fortunately, Jordan Burden, a Mrs Hinch cleaning fan has shared how you can avoid all of that.



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Taking to Facebook, she wrote: “I was always told if the ground is dry, no matter the season, your clothes will dry too, just takes a little longer.

“Little trick I learnt when winter comes is to get your clothes airer and a spare bed sheet and wrap it around the clothes airer.

“Attach it to the radiator or a heated fan and it traps the heat and dries the clothes quicker.”

The clever hack was a hit with other cleaning fans in the group as well as cleaning pro @cleanwithjen who also shared the tip on TikTok.

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To make the most out of the hack – you have to be strategic with where you place the clothes.

You should make sure longer and bulkier items are placed at the top of the airing rack to avoid clothes dragging on the floor.

Dehumidifiers are also a great way to draw out excess moisture form the air – drying your clothes quicker and preventing mould in the home.

People in the group quickly praised the mum's hack.

One group member wrote: “I’ve tried and tested this, it works brilliantly, your clothing will dry in half the time.

“Just make sure the clothing has enough room around it so the hot air can circulate properly, otherwise your laundry will smell.”

Another commented: “This is brilliant, I’m going to see if there is enough space near my radiators to do this.”

Cleaning expert Lynsey Crombie revealed to Fabulous some of her top hacks.

She revealed that curtain rails are great to hang and dry clothes on in a pinch.

Not only will it give you extra drying space – but it will also mean your clothes wont be creased and can be put in your wardrobe straight away.

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You can find more of Lynsey's drying hacks here.

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