Check out this festive body art craze that will add sparkles to a your Christmas

Body art company Go Get Glitter has given a festive twist to the trend for decorating backsides and boobs last summer.

Bauble bums and Christmas-pudding breasts are causing a storm on social media.

Here, CIGDEM TANRIOGLU brings you a step-by-step guide to recreate the look and make sure your crackers sparkle ­during the party season.

Xmas-rated puds

Step 1: Use white eyeliner to draw a circular outline for your pudding. Apply body glue into a small circle over your nipples and add red glitter to create holly berries. Repeat with green glitter for holly leaves.

Step 2: Fill in the lower half of the circle using a brush covered in body glue and brown glitter to create the pud. Leave areas at the top for the shape of dripping cream in silver glitter.

Step 3: With a clean brush, create the effect of brandy butter by filling gaps in the circle with some silver glitter.

Bauble bum

Step 1: Dip a large brush into body glue, then into a pot of purple glitter. Use brush to draw a circle for your bauble. Use the same method to fill in most of your circle, leaving gaps for some silver shimmer.

Step 2: Fill in all gaps with silver glitter on a clean brush to create an extra-sparkly effect.

Step 3: Use a clean brush dipped in body glue to draw a hook. Apply a layer of fine gold glitter to it and chunkier gold flecks.

Bells bottom

Step 1: Cover a chunky brush in body glue and red glitter. Carefully outline the shape of a bow and fill in.

Step 2: Using a clean brush, repeat Step 1 using gold glitter to create a chiming bell on each bum cheek.

Step 3: With a finer brush and dark silver glitter, make an outline around the bow and bells. Add a clapper to the base of each bell.


Step 1: Using a fine brush, paint on a dark silver circle around the breast and add two ears. Use the same brush to draw on the eyes. Switch to a clean brush and use red glitter to create Rudolph’s nose.

Step 2: With a medium- sized brush, carefully fill in the larger circle with bronze glitter.

Step 3: Returning to the same brush and dark silver glitter used in Step 1, create a pair of antlers on top of each breast.



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