Cardi B Wears Look-Alike Nicki Minaj Costume For New ‘Twerk’ Video: Who Wore It Better?

Sartorial shots fired! Cardi B is wearing a nearly identical copy of one of Nicki Minaj’s most iconic glittery bikini costumes. We’ve got the side by side music video looks.

Normally imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But since Cardi B and Nicki Minaj can’t stand each other, the 26-year-old rapper’s latest music video costume could be some serious fashion shade. Cardi has been filming in Miami for the past two days, working on the new music video for City Girls‘ “Twerk.” On Dec. 4 she was photographed on set wearing cleavage baring silver sequined bikini top, matching string bottoms and a layer of see-through silver glittery fringe raining down from her waistline. It’s a killer look. It’s also nearly identical to one that Nicki wore in a music video last year. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE COMPARISON PHOTOS.

The 35-year-old was featured on Future‘s 2017 song “You Da Baddest” and she wore — you guessed it — a silver glittery bikini top, a matching thong and had glittery silver fringe cascading down from her waist. The only noticeable difference is that Nicki’s bottoms tied in little bows on the sides while Cardi’s featured a string look. Even both ladies’ hair is styled nearly the same, with both wearing long black straight wigs. Considering how each woman loves to play with different colors and styles, the resemblance in the overall video looks is beyond uncanny.

Since it was the City Girls’ video, maybe their stylist was the one who decided to dress Cardi in something so similar to what Nicki has already rocked in the past. The group’s Yung Miami  is seen next to the “I Like It” rapper wearing almost the same getup. When Nicki sees what Cardi is wearing she’s definitely going to have a “B*tch stole my look” moment because Barbie wore that skimpy glittery costume throughout the nearly entire video for “You Da Baddest.” It wasn’t like it was just in one scene. Check it out for yourself:

To add insult to injury, Cardi not only is wearing almost the same costume, she’s filming the video in Miami Beach which is where Nicki and Future shot their vid. Nicki even struts down the beach walkway in her skimpy outfit, and she uses it for shock value to the hotel guests she encounters along her sexy trip there.

Maybe this is Cardi’s revenge after Nicki used the strip club workers who are planning to sue the “Bodak Yellow” rapper in her Nov. 29 video for “Good Form.” Cardi’s already facing misdemeanor assault charges in the case, where bartenders Baddie Gi and Jade claim Nicki ordered an attack on them after she allegedly  believed that Jade had slept with her husband Offset. The two ladies were seen twerking it up in “Good Form” as Nicki gave Cardi’s accusers a chance to shine.


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