Busy Philipps Dresses Up as Kim Kardashian for a Day — See Her Epic Transformation

It’s not easy being a KarJenner. Between the full hair and makeup, the skin tight outfits, the impossible-to-walk-in shoes, a lot of effort goes into every single look, and Busy Philipps decided to take on the challenge in a hilarious new sketch.

In anticipation for Kim Kardashian West’s appearance on Sunday’s episode of Busy Tonight, the host decided to dress up like Kim for a day as she went out and about running errands.

She started like any KarJenner would before embarking on a day of running around — by getting full hair and makeup.

“Now I understand all the selfies. I’m truly fascinated by my face right now,” Philipps said after her makeover.

After getting dressed in a latex pink bodycon dress, lucite heels and bomber jacket, she hit the town. She dropped off laundry at the dry cleaners, stopped by the supermarket and picked up her daughter, Cricket who told her her outfit was “made out of balloon.”

Thankfully, when her other daughter Birdie smeared Nutella on her dress while giving her a hug, Philipps got it bright and shiny again with a few sprays of window cleaner.

So what does Kim think of her look? Philipps said when she shared a photo of herself to Kim she told her she looked like Anna Nicole Smith. “I thought maybe I looked like a White Chick,” Philipps joked.

On Instagram, Philipps shared a second outfit she tried wearing a brown crop top with high-waisted leggings and a draped coat.

Catch Kim’s appearance on Busy Tonight on Sunday, December 9 at 10 p.m. ET on E!

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