Brits are ditching picnics and now prefer takeaways instead, survey claims | The Sun

IT’S no picnic for Brits — as the traditional outside meal is being replaced by takeaways, a survey claims.

Chips, pizza, fried chicken and kebabs are said to be taking over al fresco dining.

More than half of Brits (58 per cent) now believe the traditional picnic — made up of food from home — is “dead”.

A survey revealed more than a third (35 per cent) orders their outdoor grub from a local takeaway or restaurant.

Ready-made food features heavily among the top 10 items in a modern picnic — including fried chicken (22 per cent), pizza (18 per cent) and chips (17 per cent).

However there is still support for tradition from older folk.

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More than one in four (27 per cent) of over-65s say home-made sandwiches are key — while just 10 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds agree.

Crisps are still popular, with 28 per cent saying they are a must.

Most spend between £10 to £14, according to research from tech firm Foodhub ahead of National Picnic Month.

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