Bride’s engagement ring gets utterly trashed by people saying it looks like a penis – The Sun

A BRIDE’s engagement ring has been slammed online by people who claim it looks like a penis.

Taking to the Facebook group, That’s it, I’m ring shaming, an anonymous woman shared a snap of the unfortunate sparkler.

The ring features two stones balanced on top of one another, that have been compared to a man’s scrotum while a silver band runs around it, making it appear somewhat phallic.

Captioning the snap the woman wrote: “Not mine. A girl who bullied me in high school got engaged.”

And it didn’t take long for fellow group members to spot the resemblance between the ring and the male anatomy.

Commenting on the post one wrote: “Wiener ring.”

“Y’all see the shape too right?” agreed another, with another commenting, “That ring looks like a penis.”

A fourth chimed in: “Is that a d*** and balls???”

However, others gave it equally unflattering comparisons.



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“Oh cool, a spray painted Tic Tac” commented another, while a second said “Looks like someone glued a Xanax on and spray painted it.”

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