Bride cries over her botched wedding makeup as she races against time to fix it before saying ‘I do’

A FRANTIC bride has revealed her wedding makeup horror story – and she posted it online as it was happening.

In the video, the woman can be seen sobbing as a bridesmaid drives her to her sisters’ location to fix the unsatisfactory look. 

“Hey guys, so this is my anxiety attack because this is my wedding makeup,” the bride said, showing a bold silver eyeshadow look and foundation wiped away by tear marks on her cheeks.

“We literally paid so much to look like grandmas,” the bridesmaid driving the car chimed in.

“We’re about to go and take all of this off … she asked for silver eyeshadow and she got blue eyeshadow!”

The bride also appeared to have red blotches on her chest from her anxiety. 

“A dead person would not even want this in a coffin! They would stand up and say get the f*** off of me!” the bride yelled as she both cried and laughed at the tragic scenario. 

Luckily for the bride, her sisters saved the day. 

In an update in the comment section of her video, the once-flustered bride assured her followers that she was able to fix the mess.

“We took all our makeup off and redid it and it turned out perfect,” she wrote. 

Hair, makeup, and dress issues are many brides’ worst nightmares for their wedding day. 

Fortunately, the above-mentioned bride was able to get her issues sorted out, but not all have been so lucky. 

A wedding planner previously shared the most shocking wedding experience she had, which involved a bride drinking detox shakes to “fix last-minute bloating,” and subsequently having explosive diarrhea while wearing an expensive dress. 

"It turns out the bride had gambled on a fart and lost in a BIG way,” the wedding planner wrote online. 

Unfortunately, the planner lost, too, because she had to wash the bride during her reception as the diarrhea was too messy to contain. 

"I was sponging down a sobbing, naked bride while I questioned every life decision that led to this point,” she recalled. 

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