Bizarre video of rocking pram is spooking everyone out… but is it a ghost or optical illusion? | The Sun

THIS spooky video has left users scratching their heads, as a pram is seemingly rocking without anyone near it.

The viral video was posted on Reddit, where social media users can't quite believe what they are – or aren't – seeing.

User Xador3d shared the video on "A Normal Day in Russia", captioned: "Russian level of camouflage."

The video, taken from a nearby building, seems to show a white pram rocking back and forth by itself.

Amid a snow-covered back garden and walkway, the baby in the pram surely is fast asleep.

But who – or what – is rocking the baby in the pram?


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Some think it was a ghost, and some think it's a clever optical illusion.

Viewers of the video were incredibly confused before they spotted the culprit.

One said: "What did I just see."

Another joked: "First I thought it was super strength human baby but then I saw it."

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Another commented: "I thought that was wind, which is also quite realistic in Russia."

But as the user zooms into the video, it's revealed what's truly behind the mysterious rocking.

The baby's mum can barely be made out in her grey coat and boots, and blends perfectly into the grey slush.

One viral optical illusion reportedly allows people to see nonexistent, morphing faces, and can be upsetting and scary.

The seemingly innocent photo of two faces with a cross in the middle provides an odd mental trick.

TikTok user Hectic Nick said: "Your mind is going to try to combine them together. While you're looking in the middle, the pictures on the sides are going to look really strange."

Instead of seeing the people that were onscreen, viewers saw terrifying faces that weren't actually there.

Commenters reported seeing bulging eyes, distended heads and necks, and melting or sliding facial features.

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