Beauty fans are raving about £6 blackhead balls that clear away oil and dirt – and they’ve got dozens of five-star reviews – The Sun

BEAUTY fans are raving about blackhead balls which they claim has cleared their skin of dirt and oil.

Unclogging your pores is a constant battle as we all try and prevent spots and breakouts.

If using strips just wasn’t as effective anymore, there could be another method to try, courtesy of popular K-Beauty brand, Corsx.

Women are praising the blackhead balls as a wonder treatment for blocked up pores, with a pack of £12 costing £6 – working out to just 50p each.

The nifty tool slips onto the end of your finger, and you massage it over your skin in a circular motion, lifting away dead skin, oil and dirt.

The texture works to “remove sebum and blackhead build-up”, leaving “complexion clear and smooth”.

  • COSRX Blackhead Silk Finger Ball, Revolve, £6 – buy now

Sold on Revolve, the website says: “Gently buff away blackheads and pore impurities with the COSRX Blackhead Silk Finger Ball.

“Made from raw silk cocoons, these natural exfoliating finger mitts contain ceracin – a protein that minimizes moisture loss and removes skin waste.”

Each ball can be used between two to three times, simply wash it with warm water after you’re done ready for next time.

As the balls are made from natural material, the makers say they're ideal for "sensitive skin”.

Beauty fans are raving about the Korean product, which has racked up dozens of five-star reviews on the website.

One person said: “These shockingly work!”

Someone else wrote: “Okay, I 100% thought these were not gonna work, mostly because I've tried pretty much everything to get rid of my blackheads and the only fix seems to be a professional facial.

“These little balls do actually work! Of course it’s not the same as a professional facial but when I use them I see a noticeable difference in the amount of black heads on my face.

"Plus they make your face super soft!”

While a third commented: “So much excess dirt and oil came right off my face! Very satisfying to see my pores clear after using this.”

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